Clients Include:

PBS, BBC, CNN, United Nations, Care International, Human Rights Watch, ACLU

She has a keen intellect, great mental energy, a directness and openness that aid her in getting to the heart of people. She has a tireless work ethic and curiosity. She asks the right questions. She’s trustworthy. An outstanding documentary filmmaker and a veteran news journalist. And, she’s very funny! A remarkable woman and artist.

— From Becky Smith, Producer/Director and Full Professor,  UCLA Film School
All of Carol’s films are wonderful and worked with great artistry. These rare and valuable films are part of Carol’s long commitment to giving voice to people who are not often heard in our culture today.
— From Nondas Voll, as Director of Production, ITVS for PBS
Her work is masterful. She has professional experience, creativity, compassion, storytelling skills and the energy to inspire others.
— From Karen Curry, as Executive Director, Entertainment Studies, Drexel University
Carol is a sensitive, intelligent director and producer. She has a unique way of listening that makes her work powerful, surprising, rich, funny and sometimes heart-breaking.
— From Emily Stevens, as Director of Production, ITVS for PBS 
She is a passionate artist who inspires the best work among her collaborators.
— From Susan Walsh, Executive Director, Center for Independent Documentary
Carol is known for her resourcefulness, focus, artistic vision. She is smart, innovative and respectful of those she collaborates with. Her work represents a singular voice in documentary and drama.
— From Qevin Oji, AFI (American Film Institute)
Carol is especially strong in conducting interviews with respect. She inspires an emotional spark, connecting with people to bring out the humanity in their personal stories.
— From Jehane Sedky, Head of the Office for the UN Special Envoy for Haiti
Carol uses her talents to tell stories in fresh and provocative ways. She is technically superior as a director and editor, and she is approachable and generous with her time.
— From Mark Wynns, IMAGE Film and Video Center
She is conscientious, extremely responsible, well-organized and hard working. Carol is a thoughtful, smart and energetic producer.
— From Craig Duff, as Senior Producer, Network Earth
Carol Cassidy is patient, kind, generous and funny, with amazing filmmaking skills.
— From Emily O’Donnell, as a Producer at ABC News
Carol is reliable, intelligent and conscientious. She has played a key role in CNN coverage. She works in cooperation with a world-class team to oversee reporting from around the world.
— From Eason Jordan, as Senior Vice President, International Newsgathering, CNN
Carol Cassidy’s work is valuable and much appreciated. She has proven excellent judgment on sensitive topics.
— From Nanette Braun, UN Women (United Nations Development Fund for Women)