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Love this professor! She (and this course) is one of the reasons I was able to receive and incredible internship this summer. She truly makes you re-fall in love with multimedia's influence through personal practice.


Professor Cassidy was excellent, she really gave great advice for videos and really knew how to keep the class captivated.


Cassidy was one of my favorite professors so far. She's super personal, but also professional and productive. She's always there for her students and teaches in a really exciting way, because of her passionate attitude.


I am very grateful for having Prof. Cassidy as an instructor for this course. I came into this course knowing pretty much nothing about the subject and came away with skills and ambitions that I know I will take into my career. 


I would like express my gratitude to Prof. Cassidy for being so understanding about our busy, student lives and for giving us the flexibility to explore with our cameras. She is excellent!!! Thank you!


Professor Cassidy really challenged us in our work. The assignments were tough but very fair. She pushed us to go above and beyond.


The professor was always passionate about what she was teaching. I really enjoyed her positive attitude and how she always gave very constructive criticism.


I really like how helpful the professor was. She made herself available and encouraged students to meet individually to review progress.


This course was so much fun! I really enjoyed being able to do hands on field work, as I feel it really helped me learn the ins and outs of the job. The criticism was helpful and I really feel like I took a lot from this class.


I like how we are given the freedom to explore and grow without any constriction. 


Prof. Cassidy made sure to really encourage people to produce quality video beyond what the syllabus mandated, and I feel that I learned a great deal on how to produce quality video, as a student with little to no video experience prior to taking this course. 


Being put in situations that will prepare us for future jobs. This is the only field-work-oriented class I've take and it's extremely helpful. 


A lot of hands on-learning. Provided great opportunity to gain skills and add to one’s portfolio. 


She is a great professor.


I am a better journalist because of the skills I picked up.


Definitely made me step out of my comfort zone to go out and interact with people, which is a good skill to work on.


Editing wasn't always my strong point and this class allowed me to work on my abilities and feel more comfortable with my work. 


I think the professor did a great job teaching students the importance of interviewing and videoing in the field. I personally learned a lot about meeting and interviewing with different kinds of people. 


I now know that I can actually do the field work, for starters. I also learned a lot about programs and techniques I can use when compiling a video. 


Ultimately, I learned how to produce quality video on my own, which is an incredibly useful skill to have for field work in which teams and budgets are shrinking and being forced to maximize efficiency.


She is great! She's very open if you ever need her help (even if it's not directly relating to class - she's helped me with advice for post-college career decisions). If you e-mail her she responds within those 24hrs, usually immediately if it's not too late at night. She stays after class if you want to talk and she also holds meetings during class time for 2 weeks to discuss work with each student privately. 


She's very encouraging yet in class she does not show signs of favoritism which makes you feel that what she's saying is actually genuine. It's great. She's a great professor and helped me a lot when I've asked. It's encouraged me to continue on the career path I am pursuing!


I have learned so much about filming, editing, etc. that I would have never tapped into without this course. Plus the prof. 's clear passion made learning even better


It has taught me more technical skills when it comes to editing and the also the process of production. 


Thanks for a great semester -- it was a wonderful experience.


I love the way the professor taught each lesson. She showed us videos in order to comprehend several writing techniques. The videos were exceedingly helpful to me. 


It really opened my eyes to everything I can do.


We learned how to write for media from someone who has a vast amount of experience in the field.


The instructor, she is very intelligent and extremely helpful. Her grading was very fair and she gives back constructive comments.


I liked the freedom to explore new platforms and that we could pick our own topics of interest to do so. The course was also very structured and organized well. 


Simple, short videos that helped us understand and grasp the material more effectively. Class was enjoyable to go to, good balance between teaching and practicing course material. 


I enjoyed the content and the material but it's the professor who delivers that content and material that really makes a difference. Professor Cassidy has a genuine passion for the work and stressed for us to tell the truth and keep our integrity. Her attitude and words have inspired me to go into the world and do just that.


My professor was patient and very helpful. She helped me fix my errors and explained why they were considered errors for any assignment. She taught me that simplicity is the best option when writing for media. Always willing to meet during office hours which was encouraging


She truly wants the students to not only enjoy the class, but get the most out of it as well. 


This course has expanded my understanding of journalistic writing. I am much more confident in myself as a writer and my ability to produce work acceptable to the journalism community. 


I've learned to think outside the box in my writings, especially when we covered literary journalism. I had never written anything like that before and it was enjoyable to learn.


The instructor is very knowledgeable and shows great interest in the subject matter. Excellent professor overall.


The instructor was very passionate about her job as a journalist and the content of this course. I really enjoyed when she gave anecdotes about her work. This certainly gave me perspective on how this field operates. 


I love this class. I recommend students to take this class with Professor Cassidy. Students will improve their writing. 


Professor Cassidy has equipped me with all the tools and knowledge I need to be the hero of my own story.


This class was structured very well. I learned a great deal about shooting and editing video. Not only was the class extremely helpful, but it was also a favorite of mine this semester. Although it was challenging at times and often tested our limits, it really was so much fun. 


Producing artwork through video turns out to be very rewarding after seeing everything completed. Also, we had an outstanding professor.


I really enjoyed the hands-on learning and the instructor’s way of helping along the way of the course. I was encouraged about what I did and was pushed to do better then I may have done before. Got me out of my comfort zone.



I liked that I was able to foster my video-editing skills which is something I had a strong interest in before but I had never been able to work with. I think the professor was extremely helpful and made herself available to students, I also think the directions for the assignments were explained well. 


Professor Cassidy was so helpful and understanding. I am new to the major and she helped me grow so much, and was always willing to offer help.


This was a class where I actually got a chance to go and create something of my own. I'm extremely happy with the progress I've made and what I got out of it. I ended up building a portfolio because of her assignments.


I loved the enthusiasm and passion that Professor Cassidy brought to the class. It made me excited to learn and to work on new projects. She also encouraged us to get out of our comfort zone which was scary but definitely worth it. She was also very available to help out with any problems and works with students to find a solution. Expanded my horizons.


Learning courage, finally. 


I loved that my instructor always encouraged us to find story material within our reach but slightly outside our comfort zones. 


I feel like the course instructor was very encouraging and helpful. She helped me get from a story to an idea easily and knew exactly what needed to be fixed and what was great about my final products. 


She has a lot of great advice and she's constantly willing to help her students if they need it and she gives a lot of positive encouragement yet is also critical, which is great. One of my favorite Rutgers courses. 


Professor Cassidy truly cared about us learning the ins and outs of producing media pieces, and she gave great feedback and was always available for questions or concerns.


Professor Cassidy is so enthusiastic, positive and knowledgeable, and pushes us to produce our best work. I love how she has geared the course towards furthering our own professional interests. She is one of my favorite professors I have had thus far. 


Since taking this course, I have been hired as a videographer/PA for a television station, and now I am doing exactly was this class has taught me. It is great and I probably wouldn't be as good at my job without this class.


Loved this course! Wish I could take it for a full year. 


I love this course, I will definitely recommend it to a other students. Gives you experience and professional growth. Professor Cassidy is great and encourages students to work our best.


It encouraged me to pursue video journalism.


The length of time between weekly assigned projects allowed for students to spend more time (outside of the class) enhancing their videos, demonstrating an understanding of the course’s requirements.


The freedom to go out and record and edit our own projects.


I enjoyed how I was able to surprise myself by being able to edit videos-a skill I never enjoyed or thought I would be able to do.


This course is designed and run in a way that help you meet your personal goals in the best way that you can.


I liked watching all the different videos and helping my peers review and fix theirs (as well as my own).


 I loved the class interaction and how passionate Professor Cassidy was.


 I can produce my own videos and hear other people's comments. After the semester I find my passion in producing videos and get lots of courage and self-confidence.


 We got a lot of hands-on experience in video making and broadcasting through the different assignments.


We learned a lot of practical skills


I loved the feedback I received on my videos because it allowed me to learn from my mistakes and do better on my next project.


 Learning how to edit down feature stories was a big plus for me.


I liked how this course helped me learn more about about what goes behind the scenes when it comes to broadcasting, and news reporting. I learned how to a use different video apps, do B-roll, and how to edit certain features within the video to improve the overall quality.


I liked how this class was treated as a media room where we all discussed projects, then showed them in class for feedback with the option to re-cut. It was presentation-based. It was very helpful. I also like learning this way because we actually were able to DO, not just learn about.


Prof. Cassidy is brilliant.


Prof. Cassidy did a great job!


She encouraged me to pursue video journalism as a career.


I learned a lot about video and editing.


It has encouraged me to take risks and be unafraid of doing so.


This instructor has made me feel that my goals are attainable and that this class has real world application.


I know a lot more about what makes a video great, what people are looking for, and how to portray a subject.


A lot of practical experience with video making and broadcasting.


She makes us work hard


She has given me advice when I felt like I was messing up badly.


She has allowed me to think about how to shoot certain projects and what to look for to make the feature stories more interesting. Access, Audio, Action.


My instructor has encouraged me to expand beyond the writing element in journalism and pursue other areas such as reporting, video editing, etc.


I learned more about production and how to produce and be more creative.


Keep up the great teaching!


I truly enjoyed this course. Thank you!


She is very talented in her field of journalism and humanities.


She is a good teacher who is understanding of students course load and is very helpful.


Overall, Carol Cassidy is one of my favorite professors at SC&I. She is encouraging, passionate, and extremely helpful. She has helped me grow creatively and I know she genuinely cares about her students.


I liked how relaxed the environment was and she always gave us more than enough informational background on a topic before going in and writing about it.


Her challenging my work and making me strive to do better.


She is always willing to help


I learned a lot of the basic skills I will need to continue my journalism degree.


When she brought in her personal items that she used throughout her journalism career and talked about her personal experience. It was a great non-textbook way of learning the art of the field.


I learned a lot of skills that I will be able to apply in my future courses/professions.


Due to its small size, it was effective in communicating our points. Professor Cassidy allowed us to really express what we wanted to do as writers.


I actually really liked learning about data journalism and the different things that can done with it, such as charts and timelines. Although many people find it to be tedious, I enjoyed it since I am a detail-oriented person. Taking the time to go through the chart step-by-step allowed me to fully understand how to input the data and create a chart.


The professor was able to connect her experience as a journalist to help foster growth in the writing and reporting skills of the class and gave constructive criticism on our work. She worked with us to make sure we were improving as media students and because she is so experienced, her advice was validated.


Professor Cassidy has been an incredible instructor. I have learned so much from her.


The lessons taught in this course will have positive, lasting effects on my writing. I really learned a lot.


The course is absolutely wonderful!


I thought my instructor's teaching methods were effective and interesting.


Professor Cassidy was a very good instructor and the course material was very helpful in sparking some creative inspiration in students. 


She has encouraged me to take full advantage of every opportunity that awaits and to have patience. She has helped me to be a better writer than I have ever been before.


In several ways, this experience has made me want to do better and prosper at Rutgers University.


She was always open to helping students


Professor Cassidy always challenged me as a writer and thinker and helped me feel more comfortable writing. I also learned other non-writing skills that are very useful.


She has greatly broadened my knowledge and interest in the field.


This course has encouraged me to become more comfortable with different styles of writing.


Professor Cassidy really let me appreciate and expand my writing knowledge.


This course has allowed me to think about things outside the box. I am better at finding the best way to approach a story, writing it in a way that is compelling and advances the story the most.


She makes me want to be a better journalist and taking the course, especially with her, has helped me understand my weaknesses as a writer and always want to improve no matter what.


Practice constantly the techniques we learn during class time to ensure we could ask any questions we had instead of having us struggle alone at home




Professor Cassidy was very helpful, patient, and passionate and I had a positive experience in her class.


Professor Cassidy is a Journalism veteran. I loved the way she taught the class. Professor Cassidy taught me a lot about a subject that I care about deeply, in a way that I don't think a different professor would have been able to.


The professor taught in a way that encouraged participation and made it easy to learn the material.


Professor Cassidy was an incredible teacher who made sure whatever we did, was done with interest. Using real life, current example helped us visualize what needed to be done. Sharing her career background with us amazed us all. She taught us with genuine passion for the topic and was thus able to get everyone to do the work properly. Her constructive comments on our assignments allowed us to grow and fix our mistakes ourselves. I loved the way the course was divided into various topics, and the final project was a lot of fun!


I thought the assignments were fun and are really going to help me for the future.


The professor generated a very open and thought-provoking class. We were able to have extremely beneficial group discussions and truly learn the ins and outs of journalism "in the real world.” The professor was very knowledgable and knew just how to help.


I like how we were able to cover and learn about a variety of different types of journalistic styles.


I enjoyed the professor's willingness to actually teach, explain, and give feedback on assignments.


We were able to do many of the assignments on our own time at our own rate. This way, we could all personally decide what we needed more time on or what we were good with.


There was a lot of creative opportunity.


Professor Cassidy was incredibly knowledgeable about her subject, and I loved learning from someone who had done such interesting work in the field. She was also very approachable and open to giving career advice and feedback.


I wouldn't change the course. I think that everything we did this semester was beneficial to my role as a writer.


I think I learned a lot about journalism, and writing for the media. I am now capable of writing all different kinds of stories.


I truly believe that my writing abilities have expanded because of this class. The professor gave helpful writing tips and was always willing to supply feedback.


I learned a very good amount about all the different types of journalism, through the professors examples and the work we did in class.


She introduced me to many different forms of journalism that are necessary to know in the field.


I learned a lot about writing that I did not know before. I also learned about technology and different resources.


It has helped me understand how to write journalistically and have more of an appreciation for journalism writing.


She has encouraged me to continue to write (and write and write and write) and also have hope in my professional dreams.


I know a lot more media styles now.


She has taught me how to be a better writer and express my thoughts more clearly and concisely. I learned a lot from taking this course about different journalism fields I may want to explore once I begin my career.


She is very committed to what she knows and teaches, which I think was inspirational to myself and the whole class in terms of journalism.


It greatly improved my journalistic writing and gave me a better idea of what a career in journalism might entail. Professor Cassidy also offered me helpful guidance in regards to internships and career opportunities.


Cassidy's feedback to our videos was always in detail and super thorough. It really helped me to know what I should improve and where my weaknesses lie, but she also empowered me and made sure to say what did work.


The hands on aspect was definitely the most valuable aspect of the course. I learned a lot about using cameras, mics, and Adobe Premiere - all things I know I will take beyond this class.


Professor Cassidy really helped us grow in our skills with each assignment.


The different types of stories we covered (i.e. feature, profile, conflict, event, MOS) because each gave me a different perspective on how to create a news package based on the subject at hand, which changed each week. Learning how to adjust to that change was also worthwhile.


Learning how to edit effectively and just getting practice with the equipment in different scenarios. I have a new appreciation and recognition of multimedia journalism and have learned to "love the struggles" that come with working with technology and getting footage.


Professor Cassidy was great! Glad to be in her class.


The overwhelming community in the class, it isn't likely that you will get that kind of environment in a mostly computer based class.


I liked how we got to see everyone's work in class and how we were given so many examples before having to go out and do the work ourselves.


I liked that all the students came together and helped each other with projects during class time.


I enjoyed the class a lot and I thought that Professor Cassidy was an amazing professor.


Loved this course with Professor Carol Cassidy! 


Great professor and really immersive course structure.


I liked the hands on approach when it came to shooting the footage.

Carol was supportive, smart, and motivational and that all translated into her teaching. It spiked my interest in the course goals and built a strong portfolio.


She was very encouraging and helpful and I feel as though the whole class grew so much.


I liked that I got feedback from the professor and my classmates almost weekly.


The projects were really cool and had me going outside of my comfort zone which was terrifying but worth it. I loved seeing myself and everyone else in the class improve throughout the semester.


Seeing everyone's work was the best because it was great to see what I could improve on by seeing what others could improve on.


I would not doing anything differently. Professor Cassidy is made for this course.


She was always positive and intelligible which made me motivated and passionate.


Great feedback and has definitely grown as a video producer


She gave very practical advise and pushed all of us to be our best.


By inspiring me to film features/events and so forth in order to always have material to create for my reel.


I felt encouraged by Carol to redo my projects to be better


She worked so hard to get our self esteems and it worked. Everyone in the class was so much more confident by the end of the semester than we were at the beginning.  We all grew and changed it was amazing.


She was an amazing teacher and its a really helpful course.


Thank you Professor!!


The professor was very inspiring and managed to make even boring subjects very fun and entertaining. I was very pleasantly surprised as to how much I enjoyed this course (seeing as it is a 3-hour lecture).


I loved how hands on it was. We were able to work on our own projects very independently.


The many methods and practices and "ways of doing journalism" as not just lessons, but tools.


I liked how we were able to do a lot of the work in class because it really helped me put more focus into the assignments. I also liked how the course covered a wide array of media. It was quite informative.


I liked hearing about her personal experiences and how media shapes todays world


I learned how to write in formats that I'm not used to. Going out of my comfort zone has made me a more confident writer over the duration of this course.


It helped me develop journalistic skills and learn more about writing for media as a whole.


I liked how much experience Professor Cassidy has. She gives great insight on this area of work.


Allowed us to explore our interests.


It gave me the chance to write a personal story.  As an engineer with nothing vested in the course other than an interest in writing and journalism, I'm glad I took this class. Especially with the final project, I was able to create writing of my own, and that is an opportunity that I'm grateful for.


She was great!


She always provided great feedback and made herself available when you needed her.  


Her own experience in media and how she got to where she is, is inspiring and encouraged me to grow.


She encouraged me to become a better writer.


She was wonderful at merging the academic and the realistic business sides together in order to give us a good idea of the future.


The instructor inspired me to try different ways of writing and push myself so that I won't let anything stand in the way of being successful.


Made me understand media and different ways to write for media. Broaden my eyes in how I view data and analyze it.


Professor Cassidy has encouraged us to be confident and thorough writers.


I've built a site that will help me in the future in regards to jobs and experience.


The professor really help encourage interest in the subject and the course helps build a portfolio.


Helped me decide what kind of writing I like and gave me a new experience.


Professor Cassidy, I would say that you are among the best professors I have had at Rutgers. You taught the material, and you were willing to talk to everybody in class about

anything, often not even pertaining to the class.  Thank you.


This course included fun in-class activities!!!


Great teacher who really cares about her students and course overall, would recommend!


I enjoyed that we got to pick topics that we were really interested in, so it made the final project something that wasn't super boring or tedious to do.


The opportunity to create our own multimedia project at the end.


The use of media in assignments and the attention to journalistic style improved my writing all-around. Very informative.


This course allowed me to work at a reasonable pace - I loved being able to submit rough drafts for assignments and to get feedback as I learned about concepts.


I liked that this course was hands on and interactive.


I really enjoyed learning to write in different forms. I feel as though this course showed me every writing style that I could use in the field of journalism.


I learned a lot about all types of journalism in a brief amount of time. I don't think I've ever learned so much in a course before. I also loved getting consistent weekly feedback from professor Cassidy.


I liked the creativity and freedom we were given as young journalists to tell our stories. I also like Professor Cassidy’s unique style of teaching, I had never been in a classroom with that level of involvement before.

This course has given me knowledge on how to write articles for newspapers or magazines, as well as reporting for the news. This is something I have no prior experience with, so I'm glad I have this information now.


The work motivated me to want to do better in my career.


I've grown as a writer and am considering a journalism major.


She has been very supportive of me during difficult times and helped make sure that I did all my assignments.


Professor Cassidy is amazing.


It made me grow as writer.


I learned a lot about professional writing and formatting.


I feel like this class gave me the skills necessary to pursue journalism and effective/objective writing


Taking this course with Professor Cassidy really showed me that journalism is the field that I want to be in. She got me so excited by talking to us about the amazing career she had. I really enjoyed this class.


I learned a lot about different styles of journalism writing.


She challenged me to think outside my my comfort zone, and to push my writing skills to a place that I had not ventured to in the past. I liked that challenge, it was a refreshing change to what my other classroom settings were like.


Thanks for an awesome semester!


I loved Prof. Cassidy's class. I thought she was very kind and caring towards her students, and that her work was indicative of how much she cared and I appreciate her for pushing me to the limit so I could get to where I am now.


Professor Cassidy and her knowledge and love for multimedia made this course so inspirational for me. I learned so much about journalism, multimedia, and myself. I am very happy I enrolled in this course because the in-class time we took reviewing our classmates’ work and getting feedback made all the difference for me and my work.


I made a lot of works including videos, photos and other multimedia pieces that demonstrate what I have learned in this semester.


The instructor was very kind and truly cared for her students, as a student of her class, I felt like she seemed genuinely concerned about our work.


Thank you so much, Carol. This is my first time to learn how to make my own multimedia works. I moved to NYU from Columbia University to take a Journalism class. I had a great time and I felt certain that I should have a job related to Journalism because while I was doing my works every week, sometimes it made me tired and exhausted, but most of time, I enjoyed my time.


I was doing close to no filming and editing before this class and now I feel it is something essential for me to continue.


Professor Cassidy is a gem. She is such an amazing professor; she always made sure we knew that she was open for help whenever we needed it, and the environment in class was very conducive to learning and friendly critique. I have no improvements for the course, because I truly believe it was such a stimulating course that I absolutely fell in love with.


I came in knowing close to nothing about multimedia. Now I am confident behind multiple cameras and with editing tools.


Professor Cassidy was very kind and accepting. She made us feel comfortable learning, as she said it was okay to mess up sometimes. Everything was a learning experience.